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Our Kombucha

Flobucha is traditionally brewed and bottled locally in Florida. It comes in various unique flavors. All ingredients are natural and organic.


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Our premium raw Flobucha is very different from store bought Kombucha and superior in taste, nutritious value and health benefits. All our Kombucha is unsweetened. It is fermented with organic sugar but the end product has almost no sugar left as the "SCOBY" (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) feeds on the sugar and converts it into amino acids and enzymes. There's also almost no alcohol in Flobucha. The little bit it does contain is generally not intoxicating, but rather a helpful natural byproduct that even helps your body to better absorb the nutrients contained in Flobucha.  

Most stores sell "shelf stable" Kombucha which often times is treated or artificially enhanced in ways that can harm the living nutritions and probiotics in the brew. To achieve a longer shelf life store bought Kombucha is often times filtered, pasteurized or concentrated and then later diluted and force carbonated.

Flobucha is fermented in a raw and traditional way. Our carbonation is 100% natural due to 3 weeks of extended fermentation. Our unique brewing method ensures the best possible health benefits by preserving the natural living probiotics, nutritions and enzymes produced during fermentation.

We sell our Kombucha in our own Taproom, to local health food stores and at farmers markets. We also offer a weekly subscription and deliver our fresh Flobucha to you in the quantity you desire.

All Flobucha flavors are based on our own recipes that we fine tuned meticulously for months to achieved a unique and balanced taste.